Innovating motorcycle safety


Motorcycle Collision-Alert and Management System

Designed for all riders

  • Works with all size motorcycles, including low bikes with capacity engines
  • Affordable price range
  • Integrates with mobile devices to deliver feedback

Three tiered design

  • Easily installed hardware monitors the surrounding roadway and alerts the rider of unsafe conditions
  • A mobile app provides post-ride feedback to help improve rider safety
  • A data-centric, AI-Driven Total Fleet Safety Management system that assesses indivudual and fleet risk and provides appropriate feedback to riders and fleet managers

“ Approximately 30% of global road deaths involve motorcycles. In developing nations, that number can eclipse 70%. There is an overwhelming need for aftermarket motorcycle safety technology that has been scientifically validated and is affordable. To meet this need, we present the Motorcycle Collision-Alert and Management Systems (MCAMS).”

Dr. Rich Hanowski

CEO, Senior Research Scientist